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Soap star and film actress Martin McCotchon may be ready for a new chapter in her career: weight loss guru.

Martin’s 43-year-old mother has urged fans to share the secrets of her slender figure after posting a series of stunning photos on Instagram.

Martin, who found Tiffany’s fame EastEnders and played in love with Natalie In fact, in recent months she has been more and more regularly showing off her toned physique, including in elegant swimsuit shots.

Although she has always been famous for her beautiful appearance and enviable figure, many fans believe that she has never looked better.

Radiant: 43-year-old Martina has urged fans to share the secrets of her slender figure after posting a series of stunning photos on Instagram. Pictured is the actress yesterday

Getting better with age: while Martin has always been famous for her beautiful appearance (pictured, at the premiere of Love Actually in 2003), many fans believe she has never looked better

Brave to the naked: Martin was showered with praise after sharing this photo in August. A mother of one child has previously shared her diet plan — but fans want all her weight loss secrets

Share your secrets! Fans commented on the photo on Instagram, asking for a weight loss trip

– You look unreal. Could you share your weight loss journey? “- commented on one of the followers of the photo, voiced yesterday.

Another posted: “Yes, share the secret weight loss – it’s hard work.” A third agreed, “I’d like to know, too.”

Martina, who recounted how she uses Botox to maintain a radiant complexion, was stunned yesterday in an evening gown for the Hospice UK charity event.

A floor-length satin dress accentuated Martina’s bust and opened her outstretched arms.

Followers and famous friends were surprised by the photo, and Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle wrote: “Stunning!” and “First Dates” Fred Syria wrote, “Oh, la.”

Martina, who made her television debut for teenagers, had previously spoken about how growing up in the public eye has made her aware of her weight from an early age.

Start: Martin walks the red carpet of BAFTA in 1999, a year after leaving EastEnders. The actress, who made her television debut as a teenager, has already talked about how growing up in the public eye has made her aware of her weight from an early age.

Spotlight: The figure of Martina became the subject of global debate when her Love character actually, Natalie, was teased in 2003 for her weight (pictured with one of the stars Hugh Grant)

Glamorous Girl: Martin on Dissolute Women in 2016 (left) and 2017 (right). The star looks even better than five years ago – and fans want to know her secrets

Gorgeous Castle: Martin shared this photo of the house during a blockade last year

“I’ve always been aware that I stay slim,” she said in an interview in 2016. “It looked better on camera, which means I can fit a sample size of 8, and it was easier and more affordable with stylists.”

Asked how many offensive comments affected her, she admitted that “there were hundreds of them” and said her body was disgraced “many times”.

“People talked about me like I was a piece of meat and I can’t believe it’s going on these days,” Martina added.

In 2003, her figure became the object of national attention when her character “Really Love” was teased for her weight.

Her father calls her “chubby,” and other characters call her “chubby.” In the final moments of the film, the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) says, “God, you weigh a lot!” how he will pick her up. ”

Absorbing the sun: Martin pulls out his toned legs in a photo on Instagram from June

Fresh face: actress posing in a black strapless dress in a photo taken in August

Chic: She looked younger than ever when she soaked up the last summer sun in a pair of big glamorous sunglasses. This photo was shared on her Instagram in September

The actress defended the film in subsequent interviews, insisting that it was meant to help women see how perfect they are.

“Every woman thinks there’s something wrong with them when in fact … they’re perfect and beautiful,” she said.

‘[Natalie] had to come to life and I think sometimes people missed that moment. “

Martina, who released a series of dance exercise videos a decade ago, has become a more regular Instagram presence over the past year, making it easier for fans to see how amazing she looks.

The star honestly talked about how she uses Botox to maintain youth, and in August showed a video of the latest treatment.

In 2016, Martina talked about how she fell in love with using Botox.

She described in detail how after the first session she remained “kind of crazy”, but persistent and loved the improvement of personality.

She said: “When it was really hard for me to feel bad and I was trying to reach speed and it wasn’t going well, mostly on my face it turned out a lot and I looked confused …

“I just looked in the mirror and thought I always had good skin, I always had a beautiful beautiful glow and it was gone.

“So I had Botox and I didn’t like it, it made me look a little weird and then I reappeared and my god, I liked it, I really liked it because it doesn’t look like me it’s not me anymore, I just wasn’t like me, but basically not on a pillow.

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