Limit the use of media techniques and practice yoga: a psychiatrist

The affected group advised people to reduce the amount of time they spend on television instead of physical activity such as yoga, as the epidemic affects mental health.

One of the worst consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic is a major crisis that has plagued the mental health of Hong Kong people, who had been at high risk after the 2019 riots, OCD & Anxcare Support Hong Kong’s Minal Hundred Day on International Day of Depression on Sunday.

Mahtani said a survey in 2020 showed that 25% of Hong Kong’s population was mentally retarded.

Covid-19 was the biggest contributor to improving public health by 2020, with 87% of workers feeling very tired during the epidemic.

“People have to work at home, take care of the kids, and go to Zoom meetings,” Mahtani said.

“It’s all boring and people don’t have time to take care of their minds.”

Fear of taking Covid, isolation from social norms, and fear of occupational safety and uncertainty were created in all walks of life.

By encouraging the community to take a break from their stressful lives, Mahtani advises people to engage in activities that help them stay calm – such as yoga or manual labor.

He also urged people to spend less time at the window, to avoid the stress that comes with so much.

Give yourself a hug when someone is under pressure, he said. Positive thinking and self-esteem are also the essentials of Mahtani.

By encouraging people to release stress in Mental Health Month Worldwide, OCDAHK is organizing a campaign to “release your thoughts” until October 31. All people are encouraged to submit their stressful images to the media.

People can also wear a green ribbon or hold a green one to inform people about health.

He hopes the campaign will help reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and increase public awareness.

Mahtani said he was surprised by the response this year, as the number of participants has increased from 14 last year. About 30 companies and hotels, including HSBC and The Hari, joined the green campaign.


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