How To Support World Washing Day

Think of World Handwriting Day as a final reminder of health and hygiene: “Don’t forget to wash your hands!”

When we were kids, this real sentence would have upset us. Last year, those words saved us.

Every year, on October 15, we celebrate World Handwashing Day: anniversary of the need for such a small initiative. Hand washing is a habit, however one of the most effective ways to prevent it, to be healthy and to prevent the spread of viruses and viruses.

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World Wide Cleaning Day Encourages Hand Washing for All Good Things

World Handwashing Day is a time to remember and realize that hand washing with soap is a privilege that many in the world do not have.

According to UNICEF, “3 billion people worldwide, including hundreds of millions of school-going children, do not have access to soap and water.”

“People living in rural areas, urban areas, high-risk areas and low-income countries are the most vulnerable and most affected,” he said.

World Handwashing Day is a time to remember and realize that hand washing with soap is a privilege that many in the world do not have.

Samir Lakhani, the founder of Eco-Soap Bank, after visiting Cambodia in 2014, was concerned that many communities and children do not have life-saving items such as hand soap.

How can this be when soap slabs are dumped every year in landfills by hotel manufacturers, not only to the environment but also to the environment?

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This is how and why Eco-Soap Bank is born. Saving hand-washing soap from hotels and waste-disposal manufacturers and recruiting women from developing countries to turn leftover soap into white soap.

Three billion people worldwide have no access to laundry facilities. – UNICEF

This in turn makes soap more affordable in many areas so they can wash their hands with soap on a daily basis.

Since 2014, Eco-Soap Bank has restructured 730 tons hand soap that would have been damaged.

You can also help support the Eco-Soap Market Soap

As customers, we do not consider the amount of soap that is disposed of each day. From making mistakes to writing mistakes, this is a fact we have to face: good soap can be completely destroyed.

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But what if we found out that the companies we buy (and therefore support) are also responsible for their own waste and avoid participating in environmental and human hazards?

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What if instead of just buying our handwriting soap bags based on their fragrance, we can buy them based on the fact that these brands provide what is left over to people in need?

Many established companies are making Eco-Soap Bank’s goal a reality, and you can see the list here on things you can do to support World Washing Day and on a regular basis.

Make It Happen on World Handwriting Day

Since we have the opportunity to use hand soap every day, let’s make sure we help companies that understand how to do business come with responsibility and the opportunity to create greater interest.

Your handwash can help you to stay healthy and help people all over the world.

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