How to increase the life expectancy of your pet, from a veterinarian

Dog-creatures are social, so one of the best things you can do for their emotional well-being is to develop for them a rich social life. Identify a handful of dogs that you really like, and make sure they meet for a lifetime.

Dogs need a lot of the usual opportunities to be dogs – run at full speed, dig in the mud, ride on the ground, play, pull, gnaw, bark, chase, etc., and you can give them those opportunities.

Warning: If dogs do not receive a key life experience at the age of about four to 14 weeks in a safe and positive way, they can be challenged for the rest of their lives, socially and emotionally. If your puppy has missed this key step, or you see unwanted behavior, address them as soon as possible with the help of a veterinarian-behaviorist or instructor who is not afraid of fear.


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