# Healthin2Point00, Series 234 | M&A and losing more money! – Health blog

Health in 2 point 00

Today on the topic “Health” in paragraph 2 00 – the word “DOWNLOAD”. In episode 235, Jess and I talk about scoops about M&A and shed more money in today’s climate of healthcare financing. First, Lark receives $ 100 million, bringing his total to $ 185 million. How much more money can we throw at the chronic disease management platform? Next, the Scottish remote patient monitoring company Current Health acquires Best Buy. TrialSpark raises $ 156 million working on drug development using clinical trial software, Twin Health raises $ 140 million to conduct clinical trials in the silica form of “digital twins,” and Oshi Health virtual aid company receives $ 23 million. “Matthew Holt.”

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