A Yoga therapist shares exercises that can help you if you have Covid

As things begin to unfold, corona virus it continues to affect more and more people, which leads to more people following it Covid-19 disease proper behavior.

Respiratory infections can cause respiratory problems in patients, especially those with high risk. Thus, experts recommend combining exercise with your body to help your lungs function properly. Even so, breathing systems or Pranayamas are known to elevate interest, build lung capacity, and promote stability and stability when used properly.

Here is a yoga instructor Mansi Gandhi shows a number of breathing exercises that a person can incorporate on a daily basis.

“Breathing exercises that can help you if you have a covid, but you can do it with anyone or at any time,” he wrote.

Exercise 1

* Lie on your back with your knees bent.
* Put one hand on the navel and the other hand on top of it.
* Breathe by pushing the navel in his hands by counting six.
* Air pressure gauge counting up to six.
* Repeat.

Exercise 2

* Sit cross-legged or in a chair.
* Put one hand on the navel and the other on the first.
* Breathe in your hands and push the navel into it, counting six.
* Breathe out of the boat in her arms.
* Repeat.

Exercise 3

* Sit cross-legged or in a chair.
* Stretch your arms out over the chest against the palms of your hands.
* Encourage. Open your arms to get off your shoulders to count four.
* Exhale. Bring your hands together to count four.
* Repeat.


This can help

* Restore diaphragm function.
* Add lung power.
* Reduce anxiety and stress.
* Change sleep.
* They play an important role in Covid-19 disease recovery, says Mansi.


Don’t start like

* You have malaria.
* You have shortness of breath.
* You feel pain in the chest or shaking.
* You have lumps in your legs.

Stop immediately if you experience it

* Circle.
* Excessive breathing frequency.
* Chest pain.
Drug abuse exhaustion.
* Unchanging heart rate.

“The above can be done several times a day for 1-5 minutes at any time or at any convenient time,” he said.

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