Yoga 10 Helps You Immerse This Kind Of Stability

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I will never forget the first time I saw my teacher stretch his leg over his shoulder at the Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana (Compass Pose). I thought he was a stranger.

I had never seen this place except in yoga magazines. When I saw it for myself, I understood why it is called Compass Pose. My teacher looks like a compass mixed with a pretzel. After that, As I did at home, I began to take the time to explore how I was trying to get into the post and feel in my body. As I do more at Compass Pose, I realize that even though the artwork looks scary, my skeptical thoughts were the first thing.

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How to Make Compass Pose Easy

Consider what Compass Pose wants from you physically. Cut and make sure you are looking for each part to be accessible to your body. That is the secret to following carefully.

If you look at the actual machine behind Compass Pose, more is needed spinal flexibility, loosening the loins with considerable flexibility, and walking shoulder. Although the final form looks a bit risky, you will realize that when you create the same form in the less complex situations in the past, Compass Pose is not only available, it is a next chance.

Another thing I have learned and done is to teach Compass Pose – and this is important – is that your post presentation will look different from everyone else’s opinion. If you can’t put your leg behind you or straighten your leg, that’s fine! My left side can’t straighten. It looks like a broken needle’s compass. So if you can just “straighten” your leg a few inches and it looks crooked, here I am with you! You can still get all the benefits and respect your limits.

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Results of the Compass Pose plan

The following effects gradually stabilize and build up energy in your body in all areas that Compass Pose has challenged.

Be quiet

Come to the seat and put your hands on your heart. Feel your heartbeat. Listen to the pulp, growing, twisting. Check room temperature. Pay attention to how you feel. The practice of yoga asks you to feel it. To feel good, bad, uncomfortable, and all the fun. Ask yourself to give this habit a go for all of this, and remember that you are complete. If every time you do you forget, go back to your breath and your breath. Feel free to enter any of your favorite hot spots before doing the following.

Mix the needle with the straight leg

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

Start on the Tabletop, then swing or keep your right foot straight to your right so that your heel is aligned with your left knee. Press down through the pink nose of your right foot. Move your arms forward one foot in front of your shoulders and extend them almost as wide as the mat you are entering Uttana Shishosana (Puppy Pose Pose). Either sit here or bring your right hand wrapped around the back of your left hand and bring your right cheek to the mat. Sit here and rest several times. Take a break. Repeat on the other side. Get back on your hands and knees.

Half Divided And Curved

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

From the hands and knees, foot or move your left foot between your hands and start placing your right knee behind you for support. If your hands do not reach the floor, use a few barriers such as a leg extension. The key here is to hold your hips at your right knee rather than just in the extreme position, which causes you to lose your leg in front of your neck.

From here, press the back of the left heel into the mat and, without moving your foot, try to push it away from you. Sit here or bring your outside arms to your left arm for a little benefit. If you are twisting, make sure your hips are facing the front of your mat. You may need to draw your hips a little to the left. Repeat on the other side. Get back on your hands and knees.

Down Dog With Cat-Cow

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

From the hands and knees, get in your arms and lift your hips behind your bed to enter Adho Mukha Svanasana (Down-Looking Dog Pose). Work through your heels to make the length of your muscles, even if your heels do not touch the mat. Exhale and start to enter Marjaryasana (Cat Pose) you are still a Dog Looking Down Down around your back and carrying your chin.

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

Type and enter Bitilasana (Cow Pose) in a Dog Looking Down Down on the back wall. Repeat several times. Back to the Descending Dog with a flat back.

Leading Chair

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

From the Dog Looking Down, go to the front of the mat. On the difference in Afterward (Chair), keep your feet still at the waist. Put your hands to the sides of your ears, bend your knees, and I will give you your spoil. Sit where you are walking across the heel and lift it above your head.

Get your hands straight out of your shoulders and press your hands away from you to the side walls. Wash your shoulders together. Start twisting to the left, bringing your left hand to face the back of the bed with your right hand forward. Make sure your hips are facing the front of the bed, which means you may need to bring your left hip forward.

Half a month Ikani

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

From the Chair whenever you twist, adjust the weight of your right foot and lift your left knee to the chest. You can be shaken. Nothing. Just wait and wait until you feel it before you change.

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

Sorry to start pressing your left heel against the back wall. At the same time, humble yourself by leaning on your right shoulder to the couch in front of you.

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

Finally bring your right hand to the mat or floor of the house – you have entered Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)! You will be looking at the left side of your bed. To burn your handkerchief, if you feel better, pretend you are pulling your right bone into your navel.

Triangle extensions

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

From Half Moon, start kneeling on your right knee and lower your left leg behind the mat. At the same time, raise your chest and left shoulder as you step back. As soon as your left foot finds the mat, start straightening your right leg and bringing your right hand to your right. Your left foot will be slightly stretched Utthita Trikonasana (Triangle Length).

Remember: Triangle is a GREAT problem, so if you feel you are unable to reach your neck or breathe hard, hold the catheter and place it near your right knee to bring your right hand up.

Extra Side and Twist

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

From the Extended Triangle, bend your right knee and bring your right arm to your right as you raise your left arm to the ceiling. Welcome to Utthita Parsvakonasana (Length of Angle Pose).

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

Stretch out and rub your left shoulder upwards as you twist from your back and bring your left hand to grip your right neck. Write, relax, straighten your left hand behind your back. Continue this curve, one breath at a time, for 5-7 breaths. Return to the Extension where your left hand reaches the ceiling or top.

Monkey Weaver

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

From the Supplementary Side, let’s take it down. Bring your hands on the mat and come to the ball of your left foot Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge). Put your back knee down.

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

Bring your right hand inside your right foot and connect the outer edge of your right foot. Either sit here or bring your right hand to your right thigh and twist to the right in Crooked Monkey. If you want to and you can do so without feeling any knee pain, you can bend your left knee and reach your knee or foot. Stay here for 3-5 minutes. Take it out.

Get on your hands and knees, hold your fingers down, and raise your hips and head back to the Descending Dog. Make your way in front of the mat inside Tadasana (Mountain Mountain). Repeat drawing 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 on the other side. From the Crooked Monkey on the other side, back to the hands and knees.

Strasana (Camel) By Bind

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

From the arms and knees, bring your knees up to your hips, bring your hands back, and raise your chest as you kneel. Keep your fingers down. Put your fingers behind your back and lift your chest. If you want to get stronger, bend in the elbows to hold on to your chest. Stay here for 3-5 minutes. Take off your ties.

Trampling on the Feet

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

From the Camel, stretch your arms out and go to your joint position. Bend your left knee and bring up your foot and your right thigh. Then bend your right knee and bring your right foot down to your left. If you feel better, have both hands and raise your heart. If you want to, stop here and close your eyes.

Campus Pose

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

It’s time for Compass Pose. You have this! Release your right foot but hold the pinky edge with your right hand and bring it to your right shoulder. Bring your right leg and your right shoulder forward. Next, raise the right leg and bring your right shoulder down. (Obviously it doesn’t matter what your shoulder is like.)

(Photo: Ashlee McDougall)

Put your right hand on the mat next to your waist with your fingers pointing away from you. Now, remember that art is required more of spinal flexibility, leaving the impression that you need to straighten your leg. Start by pressing your right foot away from your shoulder as you bring your left hand to the very end of your right foot. Start straightening your leg. When you get to the full peak of this genre, stay here for 3-4 breaks. Take it out, then Create Compass on the left, then download Savasana (Body of Pose).

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