Megan Markle’s weight loss secret does not include diet or exercise – look before and after

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Megan MarkleThe former coach had previously shown that they spent a lot of time with the Duchess of Sussex, improving her posture when working together, and apparently this could have contributed to weight loss.

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Talking to Women’s health in 2018 last PT Megan Craig McNami said: “In general, we had a whole body approach. And since Megan was on screen, we really focused on the posture.”

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He further explained that this includes exercises on the back chain (for the buttocks, back and hamstrings) as well as many basic works (press, back, obliques, pelvic floor).

Posture leveling therapist Eleanor Burt explains that this is the mode that can be useful for weight loss.

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Megan before and after

Posting Megan Markle in 2006 [left]compared to 2013 [right]

Talking to GOOD DAY!, she says, good posture is not just “sitting up straight” or “standing high,” but involves “maintaining a decent range of motion in every muscle and joint of the body.”

“The reason that good posture helps to lose weight is that it contributes to the effectiveness of almost all systems in the body,” she adds. “The body works as a whole, so the function of the musculoskeletal system (or lack thereof) will affect how well you can think, breathe, change lymph, digest food and expel waste.

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A body that moves well (and moves a lot) will indirectly help the weight loss process because movement helps the dynamism needed to constantly pump the system, and directly helps to tone muscles faster (because muscles do the job they are designed to do. and therefore thrive and work diligently).

“A body that receives a lot of compensation while moving cannot properly help other body systems because it is already depleted by simply maintaining poor quality and inefficient movement patterns.

“If you are stuck in a strongly bent position (she also sank down while sitting) without muscle function to pull yourself out of it, when you get up, you will find that excessive pressure on the internal organs will affect digestion, breathing and your overall vitality. This body, if it is taken to train in the gym, will not benefit from training in the same way as someone with good posture, because these restrictions still apply, even if the heart rate is raised and some muscles work hard.

Makes sense.

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