A startup focused on seniors, Lifespark earns $ 20 million

This morning, Lifespark, a senior-focused company, earned $ 20 million to fund the B-Series. The round was headed by the Virgin-run Foundation and Medicare Advantage provider UCare.

This comes about a year after the Minneapolis-based company earned $ 16 million Crunchbase.


The company has developed a technologically integrated system focused on healthy aging. Older people can get a “life plan” that includes long-term and short-term goals aimed at giving a person more independence. Patients can request a visit to the doctor at home or fill out video to visit.

Its technology includes a public health platform aimed at removing bunkers. The system, which she calls the electronic life record, includes a professional portal, a life plan, prescriptive signals, a 360-year patient review, and analytics and analysis, and offers member and family experiences.


The company said it plans to use the new funds to build its operating system and technology platform.

“Involving others in our ecosystem is the only way to overcome the aging crisis and the waste that exists,” said the CEO and founder of Lifespark. Joel Taizen the statement said. “This additional infusion into our capital comes at the same time as we announced an investment from UCare, Minnesota’s leading payer, to serve all seniors with more wellness and less‘ care ’.

“Defragmentation and alignment around vendors that bring a multi-product strategy will help deepen the longitudinal relationships that deliver value.”


Today we are seeing the growth of companies that focus on comprehensive assistance. For example, Cityblock Health targets the Medicaid and Medicare low-income populations. It uses technology allowing collaboration between health care providers and communities. The company recently scored points Funding – $ 400 million, bringing its estimate to $ 5.7 million.

As the US population continues to agewe also see a number of digital health companies dealing with the aging process. Honor Technology last week received $ 70 million in E-Series funding and $ 300 million in loan funding for its technology platform, which helps seniors and their families find and schedule caregivers.

Yesterday the retail giant The best buy announced the acquisition of remote monitoring company Current Health to build its senior care portfolio.

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