Biden will announce new steps to curb the spread of COVID

September 9, 2021 – President Joe Biden today announces tougher vaccination mandates for federal workers and contractors, CNN reports. The new rules are expected to be part of a broader plan to combat COVID-19 in the US.

The president is scheduled to publish his latest strategies pandemic from the White House at 5pm Eastern Time.

Biden’s hope is to drop the U.S. response to the pandemic amid a surge of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths caused by Delta option.

He is expected to sign an order requiring all federal workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, without the possibility of regular testing to waive that requirement.

The order tightens vaccination requirements set for federal employees earlier this year. Previously, the White House allowed federal workers to waive vaccinations by agreeing to other measures, such as regular tests.

Another order extends the vaccination mandate for employees working in companies that contract with the federal government.

Other federal health agencies, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Indian Health Service and the National Institutes of Health, will proceed with the previously stated vaccination requirements, according to CNN.

Biden is expected to resolve the confusion over the launch vehicle and announce the expansion of free testing. It will also put pressure on private businesses, states and schools to adopt tighter vaccination and testing policies The New York Times.

Thanks to federal funding, many schools already use regular rapid tests to help control cases and catch infections early, in order to keep children under 12 – who cannot yet be vaccinated – in classrooms.

Biden’s turn to a pandemic occurs after his rule had to retreat about previously announced plans to offer additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to anyone who wants them 8 months after the last vaccination. The administration said the move should be strengthened immunity, which seemed to be declining against the Delta option.

Shortly after announcing that the U.S. is offering accelerators starting Sept. 20, two high-level vaccine reviewers the FDA has resigned. The couple reportedly were upset that the administration had made its plans ahead of the agency’s review.

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CNN: “Biden will announce that all federal workers should be vaccinated, without the possibility of testing.”

The New York Times: “Biden is expected to require the vast majority of federal workers and contractors to do vaccinations.”

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