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Want to be especially helpful to the expectant mother before childbirth and childbirth? Check out her birth plan so you can work it out. (For the health spectrum)

We pay a lot of attention to moms during pregnancy – and rightly so.

After all, mom endures everything hilarious pregnancy symptoms. She is carrying a child, her body is changing. She has to pass labor and delivery.

It’s an experience full of rewards, though sometimes quite challenging.

But dads also play an important role.

During pregnancy, the father or any other important supporter of the expectant mother can promote healthy eating, exercise next to the mother and listen to the mother talk about the emotional changes that occur during pregnancy.

Dads can talk to moms about their hopes, fears, and early parenting decisions.

When mom gets more and more tired, when she grows a tiny little man, dad can be very helpful in solving household chores.

Dads and other major mom fans can help in different ways during childbirth and childbirth.

6 best offers:

1. Take classes in childbirth

These classes not only help you know what to expect, but also learn about your capabilities and get the opportunity to ask questions. There are many virtual exercise options so you can learn while in your comfort zone.

2. Give reminders

A lot happens during delivery, and moms can find it hard to keep track of it all. Dads and others can remind mom to change positions every hour.

As you begin the workflow you can remind your mom by asking what she would like to do. Ask, “Let’s put you in a different position. What would you like? “

As the mother progresses, she is more likely to focus on her inner life. This means you will have better results if you ask her only open-ended questions that require a “yes” or a “no”: “Would you like to use the bathroom? Do you want a slow dance? Do you want to use a ball for your hands and knees?” Continue until you click “yes”.

3. Be encouraging

A simple sense of dad’s voice can be a motive for the mother as she copes with the contractions. It can help her push.

Tell her you love her. Tell her how proud you are of her. Tell me how well she does, and more. You also need to know her birth plan to help her follow the instructions she has planned for childbirth.

4. Help with relaxation

Relaxing, mom can do it thanks to childbirth in less time. Dads and fans can encourage mom to relax by giving her a massage, including music, using aromatherapy, reading a script for relaxation or visualization. Offer her water, a snack or other healthy things.

5. Be her defender

This is something we spend a little time on in our own way based on evidence. Being a lawyer involves learning what options are available, and knowing how to ask for these things.

6. Hire a muzzle

Dulas doesn’t take the place of your supportive person, but he can change the situation by bringing his knowledge of the job.

Dulas can help reduce the frequency of cesarean sections. Moms use less painkillers and are easier to breastfeed with a muzzle, and are generally happier at birth. Moms with muzzles can too shorter work experience.

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