5 fun (and unlikely) things we’d like to see at the 2021 CrossFit Games

2021 CrossFit NOBULL Games are currently underway. There seem to be several universal expectations: in order to rule four times the Most Fit Woman on Earth, an apocalypse must occur, Those-Claire Tumi-Or, lose the crown. No one really imagines who will become five times the Most Fit Man on Earth®, Matt Fraser, in the men ‘s division now that he retired from competitive CrossFit. Dave Castro can cause a sound at any time to change the entire trajectory of any event.

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While it is unlikely for this to happen in the universe in which we now exist, some things would be absolutely epic to see. They could even, perhaps perhaps there is the potential for that to happen. Here are the five best (unreal) things we’d like to see at the 2021 CrossFit Games.

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That’s what we’d like to see at the Games

A photo of Sport Cross’s top CEO Dave Castro was taken during an individual dinner to register the athlete on the eve of the Games. It may or may not be a lively look at Castro, who is planning all the crazy twists he will throw at competitors at this year’s Games. This brings us to the first unlikely thing we would like to see:

1. Dave Castro gives each participant their turn

In Art CrossFit 2020 games, Castro shocked all 10 finalists at the time Ranch loop event. Fraser and Justin Medeiros were the first allegedly finish your long hike around the busy CrossFit Ranch hill in the dust and heat. However, when they reached the finish line, Castro surprised them: they only half finished the event.

Not believing that Castro expected them to repeat the entire course in the opposite direction, Fraser rejected it. Moments later, when Fraser realized that Castro was not kidding, the five-time champion took a deep breath and began to run. However, it was not the same surprise for the other eight finalists, who knew they were unable to when they saw Fraser and Medeiras running back to them. “Undoubtedly, something is tilted,” one of the finalists must have thought.

At the 2021 Games, Castro must justify his brand as an unpredictable wild card that teases events mysterious ways on social media having 80 separate turns in each event – one for each athlete. The first event of the Games involves swimming and kayaking? Cool. Plot rotation: Noah Olsen must fight a shark, and Curry Pierce must dive into the water to find drowned treasure. Go big or go home, Castro.

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2. Matt Fraser resigned, but he though?

It’s no secret that Fraser is a GOAT CrossFitter, which is an absolute machine training. In such games he won 2020 dominant fashion; he could take the final day off and still stand on top of the podium. Speaking of …

2. Additional note – Those-Claire Tumi-Or takes the last day

If Tumi-Or says she won’t be competing in the final day of the 2021 Games, bookers in Vegas will probably still rank her among the favorites standing on the podium. Winning a record fifth consecutive Games title is cool, but call Babe Ruth a home shot style, announcing the final day of the competition day off? Legendary.

2. Matt Fraser has retired, but is he really?

Return to Fraser. Let’s be real: none of competitive drive as Fraser, who has devoted his entire life to the sport, calls what he throws away when he is still in his prime. He may have nothing left to prove to the world, but how to be with himself? We expect Fraser to be right off the playing field while performing all events along with the Games competitors and the placement of better times. Honestly, we’d love to see that.

3. Rich Froning will somehow win both team and individual competitions

Rich in greed was the most suitable person on Earth® for four consecutive years (2011-14). He then moved to the Teams Department as a leader Mayhem Freedom team win Games titles in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019. Yes, 2017 was a vicious finish with a silver medal, but you’re going to sit there reading this article and act like winning individual and team competitions in the same Games beyond the Froning range? Blasphemous.

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The most obvious evidence that this is not only possible but also very likely (in a completely hypothetical sense) is the above video from the CrossFit Games Instagram page. Watch this video about Froning, which announces the first event for CrossFit virtual games. The man has a flair for the dramatic. He himself said:

In Dave Castro’s dramatic fashion as much as I can.

Froning continues to demonstrate that he is not only extremely fit, but also ambiguously writes with his left hand on the board. It took 23.06 seconds to say it was an event five-kilometer series. Even for a showman this is excessive. It’s no secret: Froning is planning something big. Don’t be surprised to see him stand on both podiums at the end of the Games.

4. Mountain circus juggling

Includes CrossFit® methodology Olympic weightlifting,, powerlifting,, gymnastics, and more. The time has come when sport has accepted the inevitable and included Circus movements. I like acrobatics traction to the chest to the beam can be difficult from a logistical point of view, so we will be satisfied weight juggling, rolling the globe * race using wall balls, and the baton spins out bars yet. Honestly, Cirque du CrossFit? Yes, please.

rossfit Fittest in Cape Town
Image courtesy of CrossFit

* A rolling globe is a circus skill in which an athlete balances over a sphere.

5. Wests Sisters Bait & Switch

Brooke Wells ranked fifth overall in the 2020 CrossFit Games. At the 2021 Games she trained with Shane Orr and Tumi-Or in PRVN fitness. There is no doubt that Wales threatens to win any competition in which she participates. However, it may have extra focus up its sleeve.

Sister Brooke Sydney Wells also a relatively experienced CrossFit athlete, advancing all the way up Semifinal this season. As with many brothers and sistersin particular the twins, the Wells sisters are similar – almost as if they could look like the same person.

Of course, if someone replaced you under the guise that you are in the midst of competition (most likely), it will be a hoax and (almost) will certainly be a reason for disqualification. But wouldn’t that be epic?

Imagine: Brooke Wells is pushing a heavy sleigh on a hard turf under the hot Madison sun in the heat of battle. The pressure, adrenaline and podium finish in a few meters. If suddenly, to ensure victory in competitions that overcome the distance, Brooke smoothly rolls off the field. Her twin sister Sydney quickly rolls into the same position, the swap goes completely unnoticed, and Sydney finishes pushing the sled to win the Games (like Brooke)! Impossible? Maybe. But who would have known for sure?

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2021 CrossFit Games

While none of the above hypotheses will actually happen, there is a good chance that the 2021 Games will be filled with unexpected twists and dramatic moments that we will remember for years to come.

While the details of most of the events have yet to be revealed – Castro is playing cards close to his chest – we’ll probably see some of the most capable athletes on the planet tackle some of the most grueling fitness tasks, with spectators looking at them with excitement.

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