20+ best mascarpone recipes (easy + healthy!)



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Have you ever tried mascarpone? It is a smooth Italian spread, similar to cream cheese, but with a more buttery flavor. I buy it almost every week to spread it low carb bagels is English muffins, but there are many delicious mascarpone recipes to try beyond just spreading.

Most grocery stores sell mascarpone, but it’s also surprisingly easy to make homemade mascarpone cheese at home. You only need 2 ingredients and you can use it in all these mascarpone recipes!

This collection of mascarpone recipes is the BEST of the best! It is difficult to choose a favorite.

Savory mascarpone recipes

Mascarpone is often associated with sweets, but you can use it in many savory ways too! You won’t believe all the tasty recipes you can make with this versatile cheese.

Stack of cloud bread recipes on white background

Soft cloud bread

Mascarpone adds a light, tangy flavor to this deliciously puffy bread, but you could also use cream cheese. Only 3 ingredients are needed!

Get the Cloud Bread Recipe

Butternut Pumpkin and Ham Deviled Eggs

Butternut Squash & Ham Deviled Eggs

A delightful reinterpretation of a classic! These deviled eggs are stuffed with a filling of whipped butternut squash, mascarpone and nutmeg.

Get the deviled egg with ham recipe

image of easy recipe of cheese ball with cream cheese with crackers

Easy Easy Cheese Ball

One of the best mascarpone recipes for a crowd! Swap the cream cheese in this recipe for mascarpone to elevate its salty flavor even more.

Get the cheese ball recipe

Strawberry mascarpone bruschetta

Strawberry Mascarpone Bruschetta

While this bruschetta spin is a delicious appetizer, it doubles as a fun dessert! For a healthier bread exchange, try Keto bread mix for the base.

Get the Bruschetta recipe

Broccoli mascarpone soup

Broccoli Mascarpone Soup

Melt the mascarpone in this soup for a creamy instant – if you have any leftovers, it doubles as an easy sauce for vegetables!

Get the broccoli soup recipe

Grilled stuffed courgette flowers

Grilled stuffed courgette flowers

Mascarpone makes delicate courgette blossoms so rich and decadent. Don’t forget the browned butter!

Get the courgette flower recipe

Chicken breast stuffed with spinach on a plate

Chicken breast stuffed with spinach

Sounds imaginative, but this is one of those mascarpone recipes that only takes 6 ingredients and half an hour! This recipe originally uses cream cheese, but mascarpone tastes so good too.

Get the Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Mascarpone dessert recipes

With its slightly sweet flavor, mascarpone is the cheese par excellence for dessert recipes!

Keto Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe - Tiramisu Slice

Tiramisu without sugar

One of the best known mascarpone recipes ever! This uses some healthy swaps to keep it sugar and gluten free, while keeping all the classic flavor.

Get the tiramisu recipe

Fruit skewers with mascarpone sauce

Fruit Skewers With Mascarpone Sauce

These simple skewers pair with a rich white chocolate sauce to make the perfect summer snack or treat.

Get the fruit skewer recipe

No-frills raspberry keto ice cream

No-frills raspberry ice cream

Mascarpone … in ice cream? Try it to believe it! Fruit and cheese blend perfectly in this refreshing dessert, with no need for an ice cream maker.

Get the raspberry ice cream recipe

Mascarpone mousse with roasted strawberries

Mascarpone Mousse With Roasted Strawberries

A soft mascarpone mousse is enriched with soft toasted strawberries. Totally simple, totally elegant!

Get the mascarpone mousse recipe

White chocolate truffles

White Chocolate Truffles

A rich mascarpone filling and dark chocolate coating make these truffles perfect for special occasions.

Get the truffle recipe

A collection of 20 sweet, savory and EASY mascarpone recipes!  Find delicious and healthy ways to use this versatile cheese.

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