Surya Namaskar for weight loss

The first and foremost step for anyone who starts yoga should be Surya Namaskar. As the name implies, it means Hello Sun, and the best time for it – the morning before breakfast or in the evening.

Surya Namaskar can take you plane fab. It is a set of 12 yoga poses and provides a good workout in the cardiovascular system. Each round of Surya Namaskara consists of two rounds, and each round includes 12 poses.

Surya Namaskar for weight loss

Surya Namaskar for weight loss

Step 1: Pranamasana

Stand upright, facing the sun, with your palms close to your chest in a namaskara. Keep your feet together and breathe normally.

Step 2: Hasta Uttanasana

Inhale, raise your arms up and lean back with your face facing up and towards the sky. The back should be arched when bending back.

Step 3: In Hastasana

Exhale and, keeping your knees straight, bend until your head touches your knees. (For starters, this may not be possible. So bend over until you can easily stretch). The hands should touch the floor on both sides of the feet, palms resting on the ground.

Step 4: Ashwa-Sanchalan-Asana

Inhale and pull the left foot back, and balance the foot on the feet with the heel raised up. The right leg is bent at the knee, and the head is raised upwards to the sky, and the arms remain outstretched, the palms resting on the floor.

Step 5: Parvatasana

Exhale and keep your palms level with the ground, right foot pushed back to stay parallel to left. The hips are raised, bending the head to the navel

Step 6: Ashtanga Namaskar

Inhale and lower your hips. Toes, knees, and chest face touch the floor until the hips are slightly raised.

Step 7: Bhujangasana

Exhale and extend your arms. Raise your chest so that the back arches and head are bent back facing the sky.

Step 8: Parvatasana

Exhale and follow as in step 5

Step 9: Ashwa-Sanchalan-Asana

Inhale and follow as in step 4

Step 10: In Hastasana

Exhale and perform as in step 3

Step 11: Hasta Uttanasana

Inhale and perform as in step 2.

Step 12: Pranamasan

Bring your hands in a folded “Namaskara” to your chest and breathe normally as in step 1.

The stages are repeated again, using the opposite leg in stages 4 – 9. Thus, one round of Surya Namaskara consists of 24 steps. The ideal mode requires a person to perform 12 rounds.

Beginners can start with 6 rounds and then double them next week. Increase the cartridges gradually and steadily and NEVER go beyond your ability. That’s how I practiced.


  1. It strengthens the muscles of the whole body and tones them.
  2. Improves blood circulation and helps regulate irregular menstrual cycles. Brings radiance to the face.
  3. Effective in reducing fat from the most common problem area: the waist.
  4. Improves flexibility and digestion.
  5. Reduces depression and anxiety.
  6. Improves sleep and concentration.

People with complications such as arthritis, slipping disc and heart disease sell a medical certificate before trying Suriya Namaskara.

Surya Namaskar should be held facing the sun or, if in a room, in the direction of the sun. It should be performed on a mat, not on the bare floor.

PS: Karen Kapoor got a zero look by making 50 Surya Namascaras in one session accompanied by 1000 times Kapalbharti to get in shape for Tashan.

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