PowerFit Elite Vibration Plate Review 2021: workout + FAQ

Vibration plates are an easy way to make training more intense and to actively participate in stabilizing muscles. This improves calorie burning and allows you to perform standard exercises with greater efficiency. This equipment does not take up much space and will be useful for exercising at home.

I haven’t used this type of equipment before, but I decided to try one of the most popular ones. I suggest PowerFit Elite Review is one of the best models on this computer.

If you are interested, you should know all its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the possibilities of use before making a purchase.

What is a PowerFit Elite?

This equipment is a small platform on the legs that vibrates. Such an exercise allows you to increase the difficulty of performing standard gymnastic or yoga exercises. It is not easy to resist on the surface. Normally, the vibration level is adjustable. In addition, a lot of stabilizing muscles are included in the work.

Powerfit Elite

More muscles are worked and a large volume of calories is compressed. Vibration platforms may differ in function, reliability, and ease of use. Let’s take a closer look at why I chose this particular equipment model for the test.

There are two versions of Powerfit Elite: standard and XL. They differ in the maximum possible weight of the user and the size of the platform. I would take the XL model as it is bigger and its weight limit is 330 lbs. In many ways, these platforms are similar in terms of usability.

The main features

  • Variable speed control from 1 to 99
  • 330 lb weight limit *
  • Multidirectional machine
  • Resistance bands included
  • 3 Programs
  • Easy remote control

* – Please note that there are several models of similar equipment and that the cheapest has a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds.

There are three positions for different exercises. The surface is coated so that the feet do not slip, even when exercising. The control panel is small and does not interfere with your movements.

The important advantages of using vibration platforms for home training are their compact size. It’s easy to find a place to exercise and store it easily. It is possible to use the remote control for easy use. You can stay focused on your workouts and change your vibration level or equipment mode.

Review by Mary J. Smith (fitness model)

Powerfit Elite it makes it easier for me to stay in good shape even when I can’t go to the gym. I use it in combination with other equipment when I want to work the depth and stabilizing muscles.

This equipment supports multidirectional movements. The vibro platform can simulate walking, running and jogging. You can use one of several foot positions. The closer your feet are, the calmer the movement should be. This is combined with a flexible speed setting.
feet are

The remote control is very easy to use. But it can also be controlled from the platform board. For ease of use, there are transport wheels on the platform.

What is included in the kit?

When you buy it, you get a vibrating platform that comes with it:

  • Remote control
  • Resistance bands with Comfort Grip
  • user guide
  • Training guide

There’s everything you need to start training, but you don’t have to rush. It is important to follow all precautionary recommendations. Read the user manual before starting training.
PowerFit Elite Manual

How to start using the platform?

The front of the platform has a connector for the power cord and a power button. Controls can be performed on a panel located on the platform or remotely using remote control.

Two batteries are needed to use the remote control. Vibration speed can range from 1 to 99. The selected speed is displayed on the platform. You can activate 1 of the 3 predefined training programs. We recommend that you try them.

start using the platform

Do not press all the buttons at once. This can cause an error. If this happens and an error occurs, you must disconnect the platform from the power supply for 5 minutes to reset the error.

The resistance bands are attached to the platform by a hook. The handles are comfortable enough to use. Perhaps for more trained users, the resistance level of the bands will be too low. However, this is a great opportunity to diversify your workout and perform a whole body warm-up at the same time.

Powerfit Elite Exercises

This equipment allows you to train and tone your whole body. Vibrations generate resistance and it is difficult to perform even simple exercises with your own body weight. Get a new type of exercise and it has a positive effect on the effectiveness of your workout.

elite powerfit exercises

Along with strength and endurance, balance is also understood. You can also combine several exercises into one complex using rubber resistance bands. Training with this equipment will be useful and accessible at any age. To get a faster and more effective workout, you need to study the recommendations.

Are there any cons?

Resistance bands do not give a big load and are only suitable for beginners. They are comfortable to use, but for most exercises their load will be negligible.

For the standard model, the weight capacity is just 220 pounds. At the same time, it is more compact than the XL model, which is more difficult to store under the sofa

Does the vibration plate really work?

The essence of using this equipment is that you stand or sit on a vibrating surface. In doing so, the muscles contract repeatedly. This not only tones the muscles, but also activates blood circulation and increases calorie burning.

When is it worth exercising on a vibrating plate? According to the article on https://www.mayoclinic.org/ training with these equipments will promote weight loss, improve blood circulation, reduce painful sensations after strength training, improve endurance and faster recovery.

It cannot be said that these exercises can completely replace other types of training, such as walking, running, weight exercises. But using a vibrating platform will increase the effectiveness of your workout.

These equipments can be used at any age.

What are the differences between Powerfit Elite and its analogues?

At the moment there are quite a few analogues. Why should you pay attention to Powerfit Elite? In most cases, speed control does not include these features. The manufacture of many analogs raises questions, while the model in question is robust and stable.

The maximum weight of the user is usually less than 300 pounds. Not all models have a simple and practical remote control. Resistance bands are not the most important but useful addition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

# What is the maximum capacity of the Powerfit Elite?

The Powerfit Elite Standard can hold up to 220 pounds and the XL model supports 330 pounds.

# How much does elite powerfit cost?

The cost may vary depending on the place of purchase and current promotions. The actual price may vary. The price is quite affordable and for the XL model, at the time of this review, it was less than $ 300. The rule was less expensive.

# How big is this platform?

The 21 x 13 x 4.5-inch Powerfit Elite Standard and the 24 x 15 x 4.7-inch XL

# Can vibrations reduce belly fat?

Yes, the use of these platforms promotes fat burning and weight loss. This is due to several factors: the frequency of muscle contraction, the inclusion of the whole body and the improvement of blood circulation.

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