5 best ways to influence movement on overall health

Over the past 13 months, health has become more important to the world. While many go to the gym to burn a few calories and prevent holiday weight, there are other important factors that affect movement and exercise in general for our health.

Reduces stress / improves mood

Daily movements and exercise have been shown in clinical trials over and over again to improve mood and reduce stress. Moderate-intensity activity increases blood flow, relaxes muscle rigidity and helps the lungs expel carbon dioxide due to rapid breathing. Accumulated stress can reduce attention, cause pain and leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. By improving your physical health, you are also working to also maintain your mental health!

Moving keeps you young

As the saying goes, “we don’t stop playing because we get older, we get old because we stop playing.” The more we move the body, the better it will age. Once activity and exercise stop, the body tends to get rid of things it doesn’t use, such as mobility and strength. By maintaining activity, the bones will be dense and strong to avoid fractures, provide mental clarity, promote heart and lung development, and keep joints moving and healthy!

Supports a strong immune system

The stronger the body as a whole, the stronger the immune response will be. Small bursts of activity such as weight training and cardio, even walking around the environment create stress for the immune system and allow you to better produce antibodies over time.

More energy to do more

When activity is already a part of daily life, usually more things happen naturally. Finding ways to add activity to your life will allow you to not only be more productive, but also do more of what you love.

Promotes better sleep

The movement can be exhausting! Getting enough regular exercise as well as a slight increase in physical activity will improve sleep quality. The better you recover from one day of physical activity, the better the next day will be!

Moving more every day doesn’t mean you’ll have to grind it in the gym. Spring is here, and a great time to get out of the house and move. A walk around the neighborhood to see blooming flowers or games in your garden benefits not only the body but also the mind. A little activity will greatly improve your health. Make sure you achieve the recommended minimums of weekly activity: 150 minutes of light activity, 60-90 minutes of moderate intensity activity, 45-60 minutes of intensity activity or a combination of all 3. And if you’re moving faster in the gym, we’re here!

Author: Ginny Grimsley, MS, CSCS

VASA Fitness Director for Fitness

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