The 10 Best Law Enforcement Podcasts

In recent years, podcasts have grown more and more, more than half of the United States has listened to a podcast with approximately one million programs available from your phone. Today we will review the top ten police podcasts.

Podcasting allows you to clean your house, cook breakfast for your family, or just drive to work while listening to a podcast. It is the last step towards productivity.

If the topic of law enforcement arouses your interest, we’ve put together a list of the most popular podcasts that are currently on trend within the field.

Law enforcement podcasts often have great fitness tips, mental health tips, and more.

Then we’ve done the work for you and put together the top ten law enforcement podcasts.

Law enforcement podcasts

# 1 Wise Project

Rating: 5/5

Episodes per month: 10

This podcast is hosted by Ayman K and Peter G and is intended to involve people in law enforcement and military communities. The Project Sapient podcast discusses issues that help the police community through the latest field-tested equipment, mental and physical training. Through Wise Project, community leaders, SWAT offices, U.S. Army special forces, police officers and others have come together to talk and help in a multidimensional way to help the police community.

Cop Life podcast

# 2 Police life

Rating: 5/5

Episodes per month: 1

This podcast goes into an honest depth of the fear that cops face every day, and more importantly, coping strategies to overcome that fear. Police life is hosted by Keith, a retired police officer with nearly 20 years of service experience in that state of Texas; discuss what it’s really like to be a patrol cop and how it can affect every corner of your life. Check out the “fear factor” episode; Check out the Podcast here.Podcast on police issues

# 3 Police Affairs

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Episodes per month: 5

Policing Matters was created from the well-known PoliceOne website, where you can get your daily updates on what’s happening in the world of law enforcement. The podcast is hosted by Doug Wyllie and Jim Dudley, both men with extensive law enforcement experience. This is the perfect source for everything you need to know related to current police events.

Watch the episode “Episode 40: Get Out of the Car: Alternative Patrol Tactics” Watch the podcast here.

Watch your six podcasts

# 4 Look at your six

Rating: 5/5

Episodes per month: 4

Duration of the episode: 30 minutes

Watch Your Six has been hosted by a police officer since 2007 named Jonathan Parker. He is much more than a police officer; he is also a professional speaker and lecturer throughout the country. You have significant influences on the police force around the 6 most vulnerable aspects of your life while you were a police officer. Parker details how to “monitor your six by protecting the six vulnerable areas of life often exposed to danger.”

The six topics include: 1. Mental health 2. Marriage and relationships / parenting 3. Muscle 4. Money 5. Leadership and mission (current affairs) 6. Ministry and spirituality. This podcast is much more than updates on law enforcement, it is a platform that is used for self-help or personal improvement to the police. It is incredibly beneficial for those who serve and their families.

Improve your life and watch the podcast here.

Tactical fitness podcast

Tactical Fitness # 5

Rating: 5/5

Episodes per month: 4

Duration of the episode: 30 minutes

Have you ever wondered what it is like to train the most elite in law enforcement? Tactical Fitness is hosted by a military trainer, Stew Smith. An incredibly influential man who has trained thousands of Navy Seals, SWAT, FBI, Special Forces and more. This podcast includes details on fitness level and police training, special operations, military and firefighting.

Do you want to train as a professional? Listen to this inspiring podcast here. Watch the podcast here.

Sworn podcast

# 6 Jury

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Episodes per month: 4

Duration of the episode: 45 minutes

Do you like unexplained crime shows? Featuring skilled and experienced defense attorney Philip Holloway, this podcast is about the harsh truths behind the most important crimes. If you have a great passion for understanding the legal system and the criminal justice system, this podcast is a must. Watch the podcast here.

Things Police Watch Podcast

# 7 Things Police See: First-Hand Accounts

Rating: 5/5

Episodes per month: 4

Duration of the episode: 30 minutes

A former Massachusetts police officer, Steve Gould, has created a podcast based on interviews with his colleagues in order to better understand what it really means to be a police officer. This podcast allows real-life cops to tell their personal stories of being working.

Watch the podcast to understand the real-life stories of a day in the life of a police officer here.

Podcast by Sheepdog Nation

# 8 Sheepd Nation

Rating: 5/5

Episodes per month: 4

Duration of the episode: 25 minutes

Sheepdog Nation is a podcast hosted by police officer Autumn Schmidt. He is a great advocate of personal development; his podcast discusses the challenges many police officers face, including mental health, marriage, physical health, and the potential to be injured at work. Fall is very vocal and direct, so if you’re easily offended by some curse words, chances are this isn’t your podcast. Watch the podcast here.

Podcast Fitness United

# 9 Best United

Rating: 5/5

Episodes per month: 1

Duration of the episode: 40 minutes

Finest United is hosted by Lenny Bradley. This podcast is incredibly educational considering Bradley has over 12 years of experience in the field of law enforcement; from whom is it best to learn? So far, it has only released one chapter and has already had very high ratings. If you are interested in New York law enforcement specifically, this is the podcast for you. The first episode that was released was titled “Maintaining a Positive Mindset in ‘Work.'” Watch the podcast here.

Countdown to capture podcast

# 10 Countdown to capture by Newport Beach police

Rating: 4/5

Episodes per month: 6

Duration of the episode: 15 minutes

This podcast is quite unique, it was created by police officers for civilians to listen to. This allows for dialogue between police officers and civilians. The Newport Police Department hoped the montage of this podcast would bridge the gap between law enforcement and civilians. This has a refreshing touch to the podcast and is highly rated by the general public. Watch the podcast here.

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