How to hold a pop-up fitness event from home

Because we are still encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, better now than to take full advantage of our beautiful homes and gardens. But maybe you’re a little bored with the same old barbecues, pool parties and family reunions. Do you miss the days when you have been to casual fitness events, health festivals, yoga retreats and other fun social gatherings? Well who said you can’t try to restore some of these things at home!

To inspire you, we’ve put together our top tips for running your own fitness event from home.

Do everything inclusive

Something we think is really important is to ensure that your fitness event is all-inclusive. And by that we mean that your guests will not be getting food and drink during the day, but rather that they will be available to all people. Fitness is something that everyone can enjoy. Old, young, visually impaired, disabled, when we say we all mean each whole.

If you are opening your gardens to guests who may need some help, you need to make planning in advance. Take a notebook and pencil and take a walk in your garden, taking notes on any potential travel hazards, areas that may require wheelchair ramps, rails or other mobility devices. You will also need to think about your toiletries and whether your guests will need to go upstairs to access the bathroom, and if so, whether this could create a potential problem for them. Depending on how often you are going to hold such activities, you may want to consider installing a stair lift Silvercross.comHowever, if you are not quite ready for this level, some companies may offer a rental service, so be sure to do some research.

Hire professionals

If you yourself have no qualifications, then it is in your best interest to hire people for your pop-up fitness event that you have. You don’t want to hurt anyone because of a lack of knowledge and then get them to sue you, so it’s always good to get the best guest speakers for events. They can also bring with them any sports equipment you may need, such as yoga mats, free kettlebells, etc. If not, there are companies that hire equipment for this purpose, and a quick Google search will direct you to the right direction.

Decide what type of fitness event you plan to hold so you can make sure everything goes together. Whether you focus on a more holistic approach, in which case hiring yoga and Pilates instructors would be a good idea, and you could even create a relaxation area with a few motivational guest speakers and trainers. Or perhaps you would like to focus on a specific sport, such as running or cycling, and in that case you can ask one of the local running groups and offer your guests advice. This is also great for them as they can potentially get new members this way.

Make it fun

Of course, the most important thing is to have fun, you want people to go home smiling and talk about your pop-up fitness activities for the next few days. An easy way to add fun to an event is to give it a theme that requires people to dress.

Popular topics may include:

  • Retro 80s – Foot warmers, bright contradictory colors, tights, big hair – this is the dream of aerobics instructors.
  • Country and westernGone are the hats, denim, pigtails – it’s time to grab your partner’s hand.
  • Famous fitness star – Joe Weeks (wig, short shorts, etc.), Mr. Motivator (bright jumpsuit, glasses, bag).
  • Tropical – Flower garland, sports bra, grass skirt.

You can lose your imagination, just remember that you need to tell a lot to guests so that they have time to plan your outfit.

Planning your own fitness event doesn’t have to be hard work. It takes a little research, a lot of planning and a lot of creativity. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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