We (sort of) moved !. This week in the spirit of spring … | from CommunicateHealth | our health literacy | April 2021

Alt: The doodle is driving a moving truck, with “W❤HHL” posted on the side, and another doodle waving at a window on the passenger’s side. They follow a sign that points to communhealth.com.

This week, in the spirit of spring cleaning, we take a break from the usual content to tell you about a few important household items.

Most importantly, we moved! You may know that while our weekly emails come to you through MailChimp, the content of our blog is constantly posted here on Medium. But not anymore. Now, dear readers, your favorite content “We ❤ Health Literacy” will live – wait – We are the Headquarters of Health!!

That’s right, from now on we will post our own content its a very cozy corner for a blog our own website. Note that over the next few months we will smooth out any creases – for example, make sure everything is marked correctly and so on. But don’t be afraid! You don’t need to do anything to continue receiving weekly emails. Just know that if you want to link to a message online, you will need to go to the CommunicateHealth website.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed that we recently launched the newly developed CommunicateHealth website! We are very happy with our new lewk (we use simple language and hip language) and we’ve added a lot of new content to our portfolio.

If you have any questions on this, feel free to reply to this email and we will get back to you. And see you next week with our regularly scheduled We ❤ Health Literacy program!

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