April 2, 2021 –

With the fourth, friends !! I was just having so much fun Instagram Live be homemade and make your own candles!

I don’t know if you look like me, but I have … an issue … with candles. I buy too much and my husband likes it, mmm, do we still have 25 to pass? And I say, “ALEBOTTTTT, this one smells so good!”

One day, after finishing my yogurt, I looked at the cute glass jar it was in and felt bad throwing it away.

I thought, um, could I use this for something?

Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 11.10.14

I realized that I have all the essential oils of Now Foods, and thought I could make candles !! And I swear if I can do it, YOU CAN!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Soy wax flakes – I found on Amazon for $ 40.
    1. If you watched my IG live this morning, you will see that I got a BUDGET of 10 pounds! LOL. For me it was worth it as it also includes wicks and wick holders so you will have everything you need at the regular price of about 2 candles!


2. Now the products Essential oils

I LOVE Vanilla & Cinnamon for candles. I also used a mixture Orange & Carnation.

3. Clothes pins

I used them because soy flakes only came with three wick holders and I made over 3 candles.

4. Banks of all kinds!

Mason jars or jars of yogurt used are always wonderful.



  1. Use the jar you are going to use for the candles, and double the amount of soy flakes. I took 1 of my glass container and filled it twice and that’s exactly how much I needed for 1 candle.
  2. Basically I used a glass measuring cup with 4 cups and before melting filled it to the top.
  3. Put the flakes in the microwave in a glass container and in the microwave for 4 minutes.
  4. This amount of time was perfect for melting flakes not too hot. You want the liquid to melt completely (mostly similar to melted butter).
  5. You can also make a double boiler method to melt the flakes.
  6. Add 100-200 drops of essential oils. This is what I’ve found on most sites, and honestly, I don’t think you can be wrong.

Like I said, I’m just here myself, trying! I found that I would add oil, smell the wax and keep adding until the smell was where I wanted it to be.

7. Use wicks and stickers to attach the wicks to the bottom of the glass jar.

8. Make sure they are pressed tightly to the bottom before using the wick to tightly spin the wick.

9. Pour the melted wax into glass containers, making sure the wick is raised through the center of the candle.

10. Let the candles stand for 24 hours + until fully adjusted.

11. Light up and enjoy !!!


You can see how I used the clothing pins here for another alternative to the wick holders included.

I used a blend of orange, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon and these and they smelled so good! Not too overwhelming, but enough scent to feel very cozy.


Let me remind you, I do not make candles here, but that’s how I did it myself, and they turned out great!

Make sure to go to Now Foods for all your needs! Supplements, snacks, oils, essential oils, body products and more! We really use the product NOW in every room of the house.

Use the code “KASEY” at 20% of yours order!!

As always, thank you NOW for sponsoring this post and letting my crazy and creative me play with your products!

Be faithful to you

xo Casey

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