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We are coming the year of owning a home and construction work is plentiful. Sometimes it’s stressful and enduring but it’s mostly fun because we manage to make our own. I knew Dan was helpful when we started dating, but I didn’t know how much this guy could do. From construction our gym to redecorate our dining room (I have to share the basics, I just want to find the glasses and artwork in it at first but it doesn’t seem to be triggered), sometimes it seems like there is nothing this person can do.

However, our goal was always to set up a balcony under the deck, just outside our playhouse this spring. The second time the weather started to get a little warmer, we were there, for being outside really it makes us happy and we never expected to get this space.

Dan put me in charge of production. I looked at the pile of stone but I just went with the pauses because in the end we wanted to be able to exercise at the top with our barbells and the equipment just looked so strong. I chose the top left – charcoal charcoal and charcoal borders.


The site is about 22 x 12, and I ordered three small stones, 1in sand, and toys and borders. All of this came out for about $ 1500. We saved a ton of money on the job because we did it ourselves with help from our father.

The first step was to find each part. Luckily, it was just dust right away, so we (Dan) dug the whole thing and then he and my dad ran the intersection lines to look at the surface. You want it to move at a distance of about a quarter of an inch from your home so that rainwater does not run down.

The next step was to mix the soil with the ground. Dan’s dad is a builder and fortunately we were able to rent it compactor plate but you can always rent one from Home Depot.

After that, you push down a mauna grass blocker, then a fixed stone. Once the stone is on the floor, you move the small plate to make sure it is firmly moved. After that, add the sand and start laying the clothes.

Dan made a 90 degree herringbone type that I really like, but you can make one or two basketweave, brick-and-mortar, etc. – pinterest will have a wide selection of colors. The only frustrating part of our process was that we had to cut the paperwork to finish it so we just waited for them to be returned from Dan’s dad because we don’t have any. wet rain (but you can rent one).


I was responsible for placing the paddles on the wheelbarrow and drying them in Dan while he boldly took the letter and then used it. bribe to be strong already stomping a hand them down with a piece of foam between the pavers and a distraction. As long as the soil and rock are well mixed, it is best to go! Then the border was final, and the only thing left to do was paint the missing half and print it with them. SuperSand Agreement.


All in all, it took us about eight and a half hours. I have so glad we did it ourselves but our backs were lit up after that. Fortunately, we felt fine the next day. I don’t want to do this again, but I’m proud of the work we did!

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