Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana Beneficial Ways to Take Care of

Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana – Steps: The Right to Make a Curved Head

In order to use the Knee-Knee Head Test properly, follow the steps given below:

1) – First stay at Dandasana.
2) – Now bend your left leg and bend your leg.
3) – Then bend your right knee slightly and move it closer to your right thigh.
4) – Exhale, during a break to turn the right side to the right, and allow the back of your right shoulder to press deep into your knee.
5) – Give your right arm (forearm arm) a chance to float inside the right knee and twist around the foot.
6) – Now try to connect your right foot with both hands, the right hand inside the right knee, and the left hand with the claw of your right foot.
7) – When holding the right leg, make sure that your left leg is firmly grounded. At the same time, place slowly and straighten your knee.
8) – When you straighten out, your right knee puts your body on the roof.
9) – Then raise your left hand and place it above your head and press the left ear.
10) – Loosen your straps and increase your (Torso) length as you do. And stay in this position for a few minutes.
11) – Then take out the artwork, make sure you release it first and then before your hands are released. Then come up and breathe in right away.
12) – Repeat the same with your other leg and the other side.

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