Why you should think of cleansing and moisturizing as the same step

Certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD is one of our favorite skin care experts – so when she gives advice, we listen. Well, on a recent episode of our beauty podcast School of pure beautywhen asked what kind of late tip it was, it was shockingly simple: “If I had to make it one of the most important steps that I think you can take to protect your skin barrier: think about it cleansing and moisturizing is one step, ”says Bow.

The problem is that if you mentally separate the two actions, you may not feel inclined to perform the second. “So often people come out of the shower, dry themselves with a towel and get dressed. And if you just take a minute and put in a bath moisturizer for the body and moisturizer for the face – for a few seconds, for a few minutes after drying – you do such amazing things for that skin barrier, you feed microbiomeand you get into that moisture. ”We can even go so far as to recommend keeping your moisturizing body cream in the shower so you can apply right after you dry.


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