5 best electric tower reviews 2021 + BONUS: Buyer’s Guide

Exercises with your own body weight are perfect for training at home. For training there was more diversity, additional equipment needs to be purchased. In this review, we compare the best power tower 2021. With this equipment you will be able to perform UPS Pull, dive, train the muscles of the press and be more comfortable to perform UPS Push. These are multifunctional equipment at a fairly affordable price. You can train sides, shoulders, chest, arms, shoulders, ABS.

We will compare power towers using general parameters and consider detailed reviews of the best models. We have also prepared a Buyer’s Guide. It offers basic tips on choosing this equipment. Let’s get started.

ТОР Power towers

First, compare the best models of power towers according to the main parameters you choose.


General information and comparison may not be enough to make a decision. Therefore, we have prepared detailed reviews that will take into account the existing advantages and disadvantages, as well as the peculiarities. For many users, every detail can be important. So go to more detailed reviews on top rated power towers.

1. Bowflex BodyTower

In short, Bowflex BodyTower is the best power tower for beginners. It combines good design, usability, technical features and functionality. Due to the specific shape of the footrests, the power tower is very stable. Even when training the weight of the user to the maximum, there are no doubts.

A lot of questions about this model are associated with assembly and use. So don’t waste time looking for and quickly finding a solution to these problems, we’ve prepared two Bowflex BodyTower manuals for you:


For users, there are instructions on the exercises that can be performed. The specific options allow you to do many exercises or perform them more comfortably. Includes sleeve handle and strap. They allow you to perform some exercises similar to training with TRX loops.
In total, it is possible to perform more than 20 exercises.

To make it easier, use the instructions for use that clearly show the technique of the exercises. It will also be helpful to watch the movie at the beginning of the blog or consult a coach. You will then be able to intelligently create a set of exercises.


  • Sling straps included
  • Robust and stable frame
  • The greater the number of exercises available
  • Comfortable horizontal bar and non-slip handles

  • For some users, there was not enough weight limit

We believe this removable station is one of the best at the moment. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed description of the equipment. Here you will find the complete descriptions and specifications. In addition, there is an option that offers training programs with the traction tower in infographics.

2. Stamina 1690: the best power tower for money

The Stamina 1690 is the cheapest of the quality power towers. The high quality frame is stable even with maximum loads. The handles are non-slip and well located. The weight of the frame is small and you can move it easily.

Here you can download detailed instructions for mounting and using this equipment: Stamina 1690 Power Tower Manual (Assembly instructions) Download now.

The dive handles and the horizontal bar are placed on opposite sides. This allows you to perform exercises conveniently. But remember that simultaneous single-user training is assumed. The manufacturer gives one 5 year warranty on the frame and 90 days in pieces.

Stamina Power Tower 1690

This power tower model has been successfully sold for a long time and has gained the recognition of the buyers. It is not expensive and has good quality and reliability.


  • Best price (less than a hundred dollars)
  • Good quality
  • Practical and simple design

  • No backrest for comfortable knee lift

3. Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro

One of the best news of 2020. The strength of the Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro training tower. What does it offer you? Above all, it is multifunctional. You will be able to perform standard exercises such as push-ups and push-ups. But also the extras.

Comfortable pull-up grips have replaced the bar. This makes diving more comfortable even for high altitude users. To ensure that the construction is as stable as possible, the legs are screwed to the ground.

PLYO BOX with height adjustment allows you to train your leg muscles. The surface is non-slip and wide enough. This equipment allows you to perform complex workouts throughout the body. This force of the tower can be placed on the street. Ideal for the gym garage.

Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro


  • It allows you to train your whole body
  • Fixed to the ground for maximum stability
  • Large load capacity

  • Not suitable for installation in an apartment.

4. Livebest heavy duty adjustable power tower

The strength of a tower made of solid square tube can support loads of up to 600 pounds. The legs provide good stability. Plastic pads are provided on the legs to protect the floor. The assembly is done in 7 simple steps and does not take long.

An important advantage is the adjustable height of the bar. This allows for comfortable pulling and lowering for users of different heights. There are 8 positions for this.

Comfortable handles for comfortable exercises. Non-slip coatings are provided for handles and bars. The backrest and armrests are comfortable and soft.

While this brand is not as famous, the quality of this equipment did not cause criticism among customers.

Livebest heavy duty adjustable power tower


  • Excellent resistance
  • Possible height adjustment
  • Maximum capacity 600 pounds

5. Resistance | X Warrior Multi-Station Home Gym

Excellent model of the famous brand of fitness equipment Stamina. It provides the ability to train with your own body weight. It includes the possibility of descents, push-ups, reverse push-ups. The Plyo Box platform is available for leg training.

The plyometric box can be installed at one of several adjustable heights. This allows users to train at different heights and levels of training. The platform does not slip. A handy screw is used to change the height.

The sturdy steel frame withstands high loads and has good wear resistance. Includes end caps that protect the floor. The equipment is not a typical power tower. But it allows you to do downs, push-ups and will be very useful for home use.

X Warrior Multi-Station Home Gym


  • Maximum resistance
  • Compact
  • Convenient to use

  • There is no way to do the pull-ups

How to use?

Before using it, you must compile and install the computer. After that, the use of assembly manuals is recommended to avoid errors and to collect them correctly and safely. This ensures that workouts. The legs are usually equipped with plastic caps that protect the floor surface. But we recommend that you use puzzle mats.

The advantage of using the power of the tower is the possibility of performing effective exercises with the weight of the body itself. You can post and use the floor in your house, apartment or garage. The basic exercises available for this type of fitness equipment are:

  • Pull-ups: for back muscles and lats
  • Push-ups: for the chest muscles
  • Dips: for triceps
  • Vertical knee elevations: for the development of the ABS muscle

It is important to perform the exercises with the proper technique. This provides training on efficiency and safety. It decreases the probability of injury and the faster you get the results. To be able to start using Power Tower easily, we recommend that you read our article Power Tower training routine

$ 2020 Buying Guide

Thinking about buying an electric tower and choosing the best option is to determine the parameters you choose. What to look for first? Using this type of equipment was convenient and in the long run is to compare the following parameters:

  • QUALITY. It’s hard to determine the quality of anything when you shop online if you haven’t used it before. But you can consider the manufacturer. If the company is not known to anyone, you need to know more about it at the beginning. If you are a well-known fitness equipment manufacturer, it is an added bonus.

    Take a closer look at the photo. Also, pay attention to the terms and conditions of the warranty.


    The current weight must be taken into account. It is desirable that the highest possible weight limit be at least 20-30% higher than your weight. Otherwise, the power tower frame may influence and training will not be comfortable. In some cases, the design provides for the possibility of fixing the power of the tower to the ground.

    If it’s important to choose a stable power tower with a good weight limit, pay attention to the Soozier Home Fitness Station or a FITNESS REALITY model. It is a reliable and proven team.

  • FUNCTIONALITY. You can start from the exercises in your workout plan or the muscle groups we want to develop. In some cases, you have to choose a model with the possibility of performing additional exercises.
  • PRICE.

    The most important thing when choosing a product is determining how much you are willing to spend. Almost all buyers have a limited budget. The price starts between $ 80 and $ 100. In some cases, you pay too much for the brand, but you gain confidence in the quality.

    If your budget is modest, we recommend that you pay attention to the models of Stamina, Weider, Gold’s Gym. You will not get any additional functionality. But it will be a durable, high-quality power tower.


The power tower is a fantastic economical equipment to exercise at home with your own body weight. You will be able to train your upper body well with a variety of exercises. You will be able to do vertical stretches, descents and knee lifts. You will need a minimum of space for the location. All this makes the power tower an excellent choice.

If you have any questions about choosing a power tower model or a comparison, reviews, pricing or any other questions, you can ask them in the comments. We will be happy to answer you and provide you with possible help to find the most suitable offers at a good price. We always like the comments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

# Which fitness tower is best for calisthenics?

It may be a Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro. It allows you to perform not only the basic exercises, but also additional ones. This advantage is important not only for advanced users, but also for beginners.

# Which model is optimal for small spaces?

X Warrior Multi-Station Home Gym is quite compact. It is easy to place in a small area.

# Is there an exterior power tower model?

One of the most famous Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro. It involves the use of the outside. Most of the power of the tower is optimal for installation in the garage gym.

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